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    Where do I begin to tell a story of a growing friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ? From a farm outside of Philadelphia God called me to be His friend until I surrendered to Him at Michigan State. But the work was not finished.
     The Lord blessed me with a wonderful wife, Kate Carpenter, also known as Mrs. Kate the folksinger (click here for her website) and a wonderful family. From Michigan State to Asbury Seminary to Sault Ste. Marie, MI to Florida the Lord has been my shepherd. Learning, growing, and sending my roots deeper into His Word and love for others the Lord led us to Callahan in 1992.
     I have good reasons to say that this church is a wonderful family of God who loves and cares for others. Please be our guests and ask God if you can join this family to develop your friendship with God and others as Christ has loved you.
Pictured here are Pastor Tim & Mrs. Kate's family - on the left is daughter Teri with her husband Keith Newburn and their children. On the right is son Will with his wife Jackie and their children.
You may call Pastor Tim at 904-879-1907
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