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Jesus is our Savior - there is no other name given to mankind to be made right with God. Jesus died on the cross to pay for all our sins. And His work of redemption is received by faith in Him alone. 

Jesus is our Sanctifier - He gives us His Holy Spirit to cleanse us, make new creatures of us, and fill us with His own presence so we can love God and others as He designed us to love.

Jesus is our Healer - Jesus heals our body, our mind, and our soul. He uses His spoken word. He uses instruments of clay such as doctors and medicines. He uses time. Ultimately He will give us the greatest answer to sickness and disease... a glorious incorruptiable body that will live for etenity because Jesus rose from the grave in bodily form, so will we be given a glorious body like His. We believe that the admonition in James 5:14-16 is to be followed today by those who have been saved by Jesus.

Jesus is our Coming King - Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father now to intercede on our behalf. But He is also coming to claim His and to set up His visible kingdom upon this earth very soon. In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said, "And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached unto all the ethnic peoples and then the end shall come." He is our blessed hope and we look forward to His return!
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